Meet the CEO who’s ready to change the face of cancer

In a historic move, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) have officially joined forces! Lynne Hudson, former CEO of CBCF, has been appointed president and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society, and will lead both organizations through the transition. We sat down to get to know her, and her plans for CCS, a little bit better:

What's your vision and/or goals for the organization?

Cancer touches all our lives. When loved ones are diagnosed, people need to find a way to respond in a way that makes a real difference. Whether they want to volunteer, donate or even work in the sector, I want the Canadian Cancer Society to be their partner of choice. If we can figure out how to empower more people to join the cause, we will be well on our way to achieving our vision of a world where nobody has to fear cancer.

Why was it important for CCS and CBCF to join forces?

Simply put, we are stronger together. Amalgamating the two largest cancer charities in Canada means we can become even more efficient with our donor dollars. Eliminating duplication and leveraging our broader scope will help increase our impact on the lives of Canadians living with cancer as well as the researchers who continue to make vital scientific advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

How will the merge affect our donors?

Redefining the donor experience is a top priority. We are actively reaching out to donors and volunteers to help us better understand what it takes to be the charity of choice for people wanting to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. We hope the merger with CBCF does show our donors, and potential new ones, that we are leading by example. Given the pressures charities are under, we must all find ways to work together to increase our impact.

What makes you most excited about leading the Canadian Cancer Society?

Canada is facing a huge challenge in supporting people with cancer. The aging population is driving an expected 40 per cent increase in cancer cases within 15 years. All players in the health care sector must rethink the way they work together. As a trusted voice and unwavering advocate for people with cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society is ideally positioned to help shape the changes that are needed across all levels and sectors.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy spending time at the family cottage near Parry Sound during the summer months with my husband, three children and our dog where we spend time together doing all kinds of water activities.

What's one surprising thing about you?

Quite honestly, I'm pretty much a 'what you see is what you get' kind of person but many people are often surprised to learn that I graduated from Queen's University as a Mechanical Engineer.

Please join us in welcoming Lynne to CCS!