Canadian Cancer Society’s commentary on new mammography study

13 February 2014

Toronto -

You may have seen news recently about a Canadian study on mammography that questioned the benefit of breast cancer screening. The Canadian Cancer Society has reviewed this new research along with other breast cancer screening research that has taken place throughout the world. After our expert review, we want to assure you that the Society’s breast cancer screening recommendations are not changing. Canadian women should continue to get screened for breast cancer according to the screening recommendations for their age.

The effectiveness of mammography screening for women aged 50–69 has been well established by several large clinical trials. Of 8 trials done so far, 7 showed a benefit for mammography screening.

The breast cancer death rate among Canadian women has declined significantly – 42% since the mid-1980s. This improvement is the result of breast cancer screening programs, an increased awareness of the risk factors and early signs of breast cancer and improved treatments.

The Society is committed to providing current information about breast cancer screening to Canadian women, and we will continue to review research about this important topic as it becomes available.