Investment in cancer research

01 August 2008

August 2008 – Investment in cancer research: Society welcomes report from Canadian Cancer Research Alliance

As a partner in the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA), the Canadian Cancer Society welcomes the survey of cancer research investment in 2006 in Canada. The survey provides valuable information about the type and amount of cancer research taking place in Canada. It also tells us where our research funding efforts might best be focused.

The second annual CCRA report shows that Canadian Cancer Society-funded research represented 60% of the total voluntary sector investment and close to 12% of the overall cancer research investment in Canada.

Last year, the Society invested $49.5 million in cancer research across the country, an increase from 2006. In addition to our ongoing prevention-focused research, we recently launched a special Cancer Research Prevention Initiative. The first program of this initiative is focused on research into modifiable risk factors for cancer and will receive up to $3 million in funding over the next three years. We have also boosted our research investment in lung cancer and smoking-related projects across the country. This includes a new program, initiated and funded by the Society’s Ontario Division, for lung cancer research. And in an effort to fill another area of unmet need, the Canadian Cancer Society will also soon be establishing a special Centre for Health Economics, Services, Policy and Ethics Research in Cancer Control.

Cancer research is critical to ensuring we continue to make cancer history and improve the quality of life of those living with the disease. The Canadian Cancer Society is proud to be a leader in funding the country’s best research and we thank the Canadians who support this work through their donations.