Together We Thrive - How does your Community help you

08 September 2015

Regina -

Get social


How does your community help you thrive?

Throughout our homes, our schools, our clubs and our workplaces, all across our beautiful province, there’s an incredible sense of community. Whatever challenge you might face, from something as small as a flat tire to something as life changing as a cancer diagnosis, you can always count on knowing you won’t have to face it alone. Unfortunately, there are people in our community facing their most difficult challenges. And right now, they need you.

You can help them today by showing them that they aren’t alone. Your story can help us build a thriving community of hope. Here’s how:

  1. Share your story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Post a picture, video, or write in your own words how people in the community help you thrive when life throws a challenge your way.
  2. Tag people and communities. Show gratitude to those who have been there for you along the way.
  3. Use the hashtag #TogetherWeThriveSK. Help unite communities all over Saskatchewan so we can thrive together.

Your posts will appear on our website,, creating a patchwork collection of inspirational stories of people thriving throughout the province.

Download our social ambassador package full of tips and images you can share to help us spread the word.

Your story counts, and together we can give those in need the courage to thrive. Share your story today.


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is the only national charity that supports Canadians with all cancers in communities across the country. No other organization does what we do; we are the voice for Canadians who care about cancer. We fund groundbreaking research, provide a support system for all those affected by cancer and advocate to governments for important social change.

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