Lloydminster first Saskatchewan municipality to require license fee to sell tobacco

29 June 2016

Lloydminster -

June 29, 2016

Lloydminster first Saskatchewan municipality to require license fee to sell tobacco

New bylaw intended to help reduce smoking rates

Lloydminster – Any business in Lloydminster that sells tobacco products, water pipes or electronic cigarettes will soon be charged an annual fee of up to $1100 to do so. The Business License Bylaw (16-2016) was passed by council city this week after a public consultation found widespread support for the idea. The money collected from the license fee will be used to support non-profit groups in their efforts to reduce tobacco use.  “City Council and Lloydminster residents are dedicated to creating a healthy, vibrant community.  The Lloydminster Tobacco Reduction Grant will enable us to invest in education to prevent youth use of tobacco and support cessation and policies that promote a healthy, tobacco-free community,” says Lorelee Marin, Chair of Lloydminster Action for Tobacco Reduction. 


The Canadian Cancer Society believes that more provinces and municipalities should require tobacco retail licenses as a cost recovery mechanism to assist with enforcement and ensure responsibility.  “Given the addictive deadly nature of the product, it is perfectly reasonable to require that a license be necessary to sell tobacco,” says Donna Pasiechnik, Manager Tobacco Control in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is one of the few provinces that does not require a tobacco license, therefore there is no record of who is selling tobacco in this province. “Knowing who is actually selling tobacco helps inspectors enforce tobacco control laws including sales to minors, and provides the option of revoking a license for any retailer who violates the law,” added Pasiechnik.


The highest existing annual license fees for each tobacco retailer are $806 in Ottawa and $700 in St. Albert, Alberta.   The Lloydminster license fee will be $750 per year and an extra $350 if the store sells flavoured tobacco products, for a potential total of $1100, the highest fee anywhere in the country.


Given the lack of tobacco control funding in Saskatchewan, the money collected will be put to good use to reduce smoking, the single most preventable cause of sickness and death in this province.

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