Daffodil Month - $3.7 M to save more lives

02 May 2016

Montreal -

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is happy to announce that during the month of April, the Cancer Awareness Month, it raised the sum of $3.7 million. The sale of a little flower for a great cause – the daffodil, symbol of life and hope – helped raise nearly $2 million while the Daffodil Ball raised $1.6 million and mail solicitation some $150,000.

In addition, upon the invitation of the Mayor of Bois-des-Filion and Canadian Cancer Society’s ambassador Paul Larocque, more than 400 municipalities have passed a resolution designating April as Daffodil Month to support the CCS. City council members also asked their fellow citizens to make a significant gesture during Daffodil Month to support family members or friends with cancer.

“The chances of surviving cancer are getting bigger and bigger and many other significant advances are on the verge of becoming reality over the next few years,” says Suzanne Dubois, Executive Director, CCS – Quebec Division. “We must pursue our efforts of prevention, research and support for people living with this disease. For this, we must be able to rely on adequate funding. The $3.7 million raised from generous Quebecers brings us closer to our goal: reduce the number of cancer cases, provide the best treatments possible and offer an optimal quality of life to those who have to face cancer.”

The CCS thanks all those who bought flowers, attended the Daffodil Ball, made a donation or gave their time to this vast campaign. Across Quebec, more than 10,000 volunteers mobilized to save more lives. With the support of 300,000 annual donors and 30,000 volunteers, the CCS is the Quebec cancer charity with the potential to save the most lives. Each year, some 135,000 Quebecers turn to it. So, the CCS does everything it can to increase the overall cancer survival rate, currently at 63%, to 80%.

The money raised during the sale of daffodils helps the CCS to:
  • prevent more cancers and demand laws that protect health
  • fund more research projects
  • support more people living with cancer
Let’s save more lives. Visit cancer.ca or call us at 1 888 939-3333.

For more information, please contact:

André Beaulieu

Spokesperson and Senior Advisor, Public Relations

Canadian Cancer Society

Quebec Division

Phone: (514) 393-3444