Elections 2014: Cancer, an election issue - Launch of the Canadian Cancer Society’s election microsite and questionnaire

06 March 2014

Montreal -

For each day that goes by, the situation gets worse: 90 youths let tobacco enter their lives and 28 smokers die from smoking-related diseases. Every day, 55 people die of cancer and very few among them will receive palliative care. What are the positions of the political parties on the leading cause of death in Quebec.

As part of the election campaign, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) – Quebec Division sent a questionnaire to all registered political parties to find out their positions on the fight against cancer. In addition, the CCS launched the election microsite passezalaction.cancer.ca/quebec  to give a voice to citizens who want to question their candidates on this important health issue.

In Quebec, for each smoker who quits, a youth picks up the habit at an average age of 12.5 years. The Tobacco Act has not been amended for nearly nine years now. In the meanwhile, the tobacco industry has developed a host of new products to appeal to youths, with impunity. As far as the CCS is concerned, political parties must take a stand to speedily amend the Tobacco Act and protect youths from the tobacco industry.

Access to palliative care must also be a part of political parties’ election promises so that all Quebecers in need have access to it at the place of their choice. In areas where palliative care is readily available, hardly one in two people benefit from it. In places where palliative care is scarcer, only one in five can receive it. Not only does palliative care enhance the quality of life, but it also extends a patient’s life and helps keep treatment costs down (fewer emergency room visits, fewer hospital bed days). Access to palliative care is a minimum that all Quebecers should have a right to, no matter what their postal code or place of death.

“During the length of the election campaign, 4,670 Quebecers will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,925 will die from it. Political parties must make the fight against cancer a priority issue to save more lives,” says Sylvie Poissant,

Acting Executive Director, CCS – Quebec Division.


Cancer by the numbers:
  • 50% of cancer-related pain is not treated.
  • 80% of cancer patients would like to die at home, but only a small fraction – 10% – can.
  • Tobacco is responsible for 30% of all cancers.
  • Quebec still has 1.6 million smokers

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is the only national charity that supports Canadians with all cancers in communities across the country. No other organization does what we do; we are the voice for Canadians who care about cancer. We fund groundbreaking research, provide a support system for all those affected by cancer and advocate to governments for important social change.

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For more information, please contact:

André Beaulieu

Spokesperson and Senior Advisor, Public Relations

Canadian Cancer Society

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