Let’s save more lives: the Canadian Cancer Society in four words

23 October 2013

Montreal -

Let’s save more lives: the Canadian Cancer Society in four words

Montreal, October 18, 2013 — The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), which celebrated its 75th anniversary last spring is now more prepared than ever to rise to the challenge of defeating cancer and saving more lives. So, today, it is launching a new communication platform: Let’s save more lives.

The goal of the CCS has always been to ease the burden of cancer in Quebecers’ lives. “Let’s save more lives is a simple phrase that defines what the CCS does every day. It’s a promise that brings people together because in fact, we’re all a part of the solution to save more lives,” says France Desharnais, the CCS – Quebec Division’s Board Chair and one of the faces of the new publicity campaign.

The reality of cancer has changed considerably since the CCS’s beginnings. Today, the average survival rate is 63% for all cancers and many have a five-year survival rate that is above 90%. Nevertheless, in spite of the success achieved, more than 20,000 Quebecers will die in 2013 from the complications of cancer. If nothing is done, in 20 years, due to ageing and population growth, 60% more cancer cases will be diagnosed annually and 40% more Quebecers will die from the disease.

Testimonials are at the core of Let’s save more lives, particularly those of Dominic Arpin and Marc Labrèche, and also of cancer survivors, researchers, and CCS volunteers. The campaign is essentially based on the emotional outlook, strength, and resilience of people touched by the disease. Let’s save more lives targets the entire population and plans to use different media – newspapers, billboards, and the Web. Videos will also be posted online at cancer.ca/lives.

“Cancer. The very word causes worry and fear. It conjures up a disease that everybody dreads, a health problem with the worst of consequences. Through the phrase Let’s save more lives, the CCS explodes the myth that cancer is an inevitable curse, a sure death sentence,” says Suzanne Dubois, Executive Director of the CCS – Quebec Division. “On the other hand, the progress made over the past few years and the cancer survival rate are fantastic. However, there are still far too many Quebecers who die from the disease. A number of cancers can be prevented. The CCS is the charity in Quebec that invests the most in prevention, research, and support, and holds out hope of saving more lives!”

How to save more lives?

Improved healthcare and better cancer screening have led to nearly 100,000 more lives being saved over 20 years (from 1988 to 2007) in the country. The CCS hopes to do as much in the years to come. How does it plan to do it?

  • By concentrating more on prevention because the best is to prevent the disease;
  • By continuing to fight against smoking as a top priority;
  • By ensuring that early screening programs, such as for colorectal cancer, are implemented and by ensuring participation in current programs (such as for breast cancer);
  • By continuing to fund innovative research projects that will save as many more lives as possible.

Some 190,000 Quebecers (around 840,000 Canadians) who have been diagnosed with cancer during the past ten years are still alive. For the CCS, saving lives also includes helping people touched by cancer to the greatest extent possible so that they can concentrate on their recovery and have a good quality of life despite the disease. The CCS wants to be present every step of the way (before, during, and beyond cancer).

Every day, the Canadian Cancer Society works to save more lives. We have been relentless in our commitment to prevent cancer, fund research, and support people touched by the disease. For 75 years, our goal has remained unchanged: do more so that fewer Canadians are diagnosed with cancer and more survive. Let’s save more lives: visit cancer.ca or call our Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333.

How does the CCS save more lives every day?


André Beaulieu, Spokesperson and Senior Advisor, Public Relations
Canadian Cancer Society – Quebec Division
abeaulieu@quebec.cancer.ca 514 393-3444