The Canadian Cancer Society’s reaction to the tabling of the green book for a Quebec policy on sports, recreation, and physical activity

10 June 2013

Montreal, QC -

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has reacted positively to the contents of the green book for a Quebec policy on sports, recreation, and physical activity presented today by the Quebec Minister for Education, Leisure, and Sports, Marie Malavoy.

More than 50% of cancers can be prevented by the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits and the right public policies. The CCS is delighted that Ms. Malavoy and the Pauline Marois government are prioritizing physical activity for youth and pleased with the contents of this Quebec platform.

“Physical activity is a protection factor against several types of cancer. It is crucial to provide our children with ample opportunities to exercise and do everything possible to help them get into the habit of physical activity early on in their life. Currently, too many young Quebecers do not get sufficient physical exercise to have any positive impact on their health now or in the future. The proposed green book offers innovative ideas to encourage young people to exercise more,” says Suzanne Dubois, Executive Director, CCS - Quebec Division.

“Premier Pauline Marois would like Quebec to become one of the fittest places 10 years from now. Knowing that childhood is when healthy behaviours are picked up to be continued later on in life, the CCS is working directly with youngsters by offering the Trottibus Walking School Bus to elementary schools so that children can walk to school in the morning with their friends, and a smile on their faces, in safety,” says Jacinthe Hovington, Director, Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion, CCS — Quebec Division. “Active transportation is one of the recommendations of the green book. The CCS is very happy with this because it is an activity that can be easily integrated into daily life and perfectly sums up the title of the green book launched this morning: Le goût et le plaisir de bouger! (The joy of exercise).”

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