Amendment to the Tobacco Act — The Canadian Cancer Society wants the Health Minister to take action

06 December 2013

Montreal -

Like the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), the Health and Social Services Committee also wants the Health Minister to amend the Tobacco Act, as revealed in the report tabled today of the consultations and hearings held in connection with the Report on the implementation of the Tobacco Act 2005-2010.

“With the tabling of the Committee’s report, we have reached a new stage and the Health Minister must act immediately because for every day that we delay, youths start smoking. Don’t forget that a third of cancer-related deaths are caused by tobacco and they are all preventable,” says Suzanne Dubois, Executive Director, CCS – Quebec Division.

On August 20, the CCS appeared before the Health and Social Services Committee as part of the Report on the implementation of the Tobacco Act 2005-2010. “For the CCS, it is obvious that the fight against cancer necessitates the fight against smoking. This is the message that the CCS conveyed to members of the Committee,” says Gaëlle Fédida, Director, Public Issues, CCS – Quebec Division.

The CCS wants the government to include in the Tobacco Act:

  1. A ban on flavours for all tobacco products covered by the Tobacco Act.
  2. The regulation of electronic cigarettes.
  3. Plain and standardized packaging for all tobacco products.
  4. A moratorium on the tobacco products market.
In May, the CCS started a petition demanding the strengthening of the Tobacco Act. “To date, 53,000 citizens back the CCS’s demands to fight against tobacco. We would like to ask Dr Hébert to amend the Tobacco Act to prevent another generation of youths from falling into the tobacco industry’s trap,” says Suzanne Dubois.


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