The global walker Jean Béliveau becomes the new ambassador of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Trottibus Walking School Bus

06 October 2011

Montreal -

After 11 years of walking more than 75,000 km through 64 countries, the global walker Jean Béliveau will now tread on Quebec soil. He is taking advantage of his return and the fact that October is International Walk to School Month to announce his association with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) to promote the Trottibus Walking School Bus and encourage Quebec children to form the habit of walking to school.


Walking for children and peace

Mr. Béliveau’s great adventure started on August 18, 2000 with the objective of walking around the world for peace and children. This coincided with the International Decade for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World declared by the United Nations in November 1998.

For Mr. Béliveau, the cause for peace and children was built and strengthened throughout his journey through the hundreds of people he met. He would like his commitment to children to continue well after his return to Montreal on October 16. “I’m delighted to be the Trottibus Walking School Bus ambassador. It’s a project that has multiple benefits for children. It integrates healthy life habits, generates intergenerational human contact, and brings together the whole community. And it’s certainly good for the environment! I’m very happy to work with the CCS to encourage the young and not so young to walk… What a fantastic project!” says Jean Béliveau.

Take a Trottibus Walking School Bus for health, safety, and fun

The Trottibus is a “pedestrian bus” that lets elementary school children walk to school safely with supervision. It has predetermined routes, complete with planned stops and two adult volunteers, known as “Drivers”, who accompany the young walkers. What makes this CCS project unique is its intergenerational aspect, which involves older people in the community sharing the responsibility of school transportation with parents.

This project put forward by the CCS addresses the problem of the drastic decrease in the level of children’s daily physical activities and the worrying increase in obesity in Quebec. Walking every day is one part of the solution to give our youths a better chance of acquiring and embracing healthy life habits.

Volunteer Involvement

The success of the project hinges on the active involvement of volunteers accompanying the children, schools, and municipalities that, together, assure the safety of routes. “The goal of the Trottibus Walking School Bus is to lead elementary school children towards integrating active transportation into their daily lives. To this end, Jean Béliveau’s extraordinary feat, accomplished through his determination and perseverance, is a model of inspiration for everyone who rallies around the project,” says Sylvie Poissant, Director, Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion at the CCS.

Schools that want to learn more about the Trottibus Walking School Bus can contact the CCS by writing to or consult the CCS’s website:

Trottibus is a Canadian Cancer Society initiative in partnership with the Carrefour action municipale et famille, the Fédération des éducateurs et éducatrices enseignants du Québec and the Fédération québécoise du sport étudiant and Kino Québec. It is made possible by the financial support of Québec en Forme.

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