Canadian Cancer Society statement regarding Haliburton County Relay For Life, June 2014

17 September 2013

Peterborough -

Contrary to local news reports, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Haliburton County Relay For Life will take place as planned on June 13, 2014 at the Minden Fair Grounds.

In response to misinformation being disseminated in the community, the Society presents the facts:

  • The Society is implementing a one-time $100 registration fee for new patients signing up after October 1 that entitles them to rides for as long as they need them. A typical patient uses the service for 10 to 17 one-way trips.
  • No patient who needs a ride will be left behind. A compassionate program is in place to assist all patients province-wide, including Haliburton County, who cannot pay the full registration fee.
  • The Society has been providing transportation to patients in Ontario who have no other way to get to treatment since the 1950s. The transportation service now costs more than $6 million a year to operate.
  • The registration fee will cover only a small part — 15% to 18% — of the administrative cost of providing rides to patients across Ontario. The Society will continue to raise funds to support the transportation service.
  • As the population ages, cancer cases increase and the need for the service grows. Last year, the number of patients using the service rose by almost 20%.

“We are committed to continuing giving rides to cancer patients who need them. That’s why we made the difficult but necessary decision to charge a one-time registration fee,” says Tanya Nixon, Senior Manager, Transportation Program, Canadian Cancer Society. “It’s unfortunate that inaccuracies about how the new fee works may cause anxiety among patients in the Haliburton area.”

The Haliburton County Relay For Life has taken place since 2007 and raised a total of more than $1.1 million to support life-saving cancer research as well as community services such as the transportation service. The Haliburton County Relay For Life will take place as planned on June 13, 2014, at the Minden Fair Grounds.

For more information about the change to the transportation service, visit Frequently Asked Questions on

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