Canadian Cancer Society applauds decision allowing British American Tobacco and other foreign companies to be held to account

December 2013 - Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear appeal by foreign tobacco companies in Ontario medicare cost recovery lawsuit.

Stay smoke-free with these 10 holiday survival tips

December 2013 - With the holiday season here, many may be thinking of ways to kick-start their New Year’s resolutions. For those trying to quit smoking, today the Canadian Cancer Society offers 10 tips to stay smoke free over the holidays and launches the annual Driven to Quit Challenge presented by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, division of Johnson & Johnson Inc., the makers of NICODERM® and NICORETTE®.

Courageous! Canadian Cancer Society to government’s proposed new tobacco control measures

November 2013 - The Canadian Cancer Society applauds the Ontario government today for protecting the health of Ontarians by introducing the strongest comprehensive tobacco control legislation since the 2006 Smoke-Free Ontario Act was introduced.

Innovative look at old molecule could lead to better outcomes for a hard-to-treat cancer

October 2013 - An unconventional way of looking at a long-known molecule has garnered a Guelph scientist new funding and could lead to better treatment options for lung cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society announced today in recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November.

Research into a hard-to-treat breast cancer could lead to better treatment

October 2013 - A London scientist studying ways to overcome chemotherapy resistance in women with triple-negative breast cancer has received funding from the Canadian Cancer Society. His work could lead to better outcomes for women with this hard-to-treat form of breast cancer.

Canadian Cancer Society celebrates passage of Ontario’s Skin Cancer Prevention Act

October 2013 - Canadian Cancer Society volunteers and staff are celebrating the passing of legislation that will prohibit youth under 18 from accessing tanning beds in Ontario.

Canadian Cancer Society Empowers Women to Strike Up Conversations About Mammograms

October 2013 - New survey shows that 62% of women in Ontario don’t know when to get screened for breast cancer

Canadian Cancer Society statement regarding Haliburton County Relay For Life, June 2014

September 2013 - Contrary to local news reports, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Haliburton County Relay For Life will take place as planned on June 13, 2014 at the Minden Fair Grounds.

Canadian Cancer Society takes steps to protect future of Ontario transportation service

September 2013 - To meet the challenge of growing demand and rising costs, the Canadian Cancer Society will begin charging a $100 registration fee for new patients in Ontario who register with the Society’s transportation service after October 1.

Canadian Cancer Society youth advocates at TIFF to butt smoking out of movies

September 2013 - Youth advocates from across Ontario are at the Toronto International Film Festival today to call for action on smoking in youth-rated movies.

Canadian Cancer Society to attend the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Conference

August 2013 - Canadian Cancer Society urges municipal and provincial officials to take an active role in the fight against cancer

Canadian Cancer Society to launch new cancer prevention outreach campaign at Pride Toronto

June 2013 - Screening rates for colon, breast and cervical cancers lower among LGBTQ communities

Canadian Cancer Society presents Awards for Excellence

May 2013 - Two Ontario scientists honoured with prestigious awards

It’s Melanoma Monday, Let’s SPOT Orange

May 2013 - It is Melanoma Monday and the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) is celebrating by painting the nation orange for skin cancer awareness2

Ontario budget: Canadian Cancer Society applauds government’s continued commitment to preventing skin cancer and looks to further action on health promotion initiatives.

May 2013 - The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased with the Ontario government’s continued focus on health promotion initiatives that aim to reduce skin cancer, child obesity and smoking rates.

Canadian Cancer Society funds scientist to focus a sharper lens on aggressive cancers

April 2013 - Thunder Bay scientist awarded Innovation Grant to develop promising imaging method to look closer at cancer

Canadian Cancer Society attacks ‘tanned-skin-is-fashionable’ message aimed at young women

April 2013 - #TANBEDBAN campaign calls for action on indoor tanning

Canadian Cancer Society attacks ‘tanned-skin-is-fashionable’ message aimed at young women

April 2013 - #TANBEDBAN campaign calls for action on indoor tanning

Does cancer treatment follow-up care help or hinder?

April 2013 - Kingston research awarded Quality of Life grant to understand patient perspective.

LCBO stores support Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Month

April 2013 - This April, the Canadian Cancer Society wants to pin you. The Canadian Cancer Society is marking its 75th anniversary this year and members of the public can help support them by making a donation at any of the 634 LCBO stores throughout Ontario.

TVCOGECO To Commemorate Canadian Cancer Society’s 75th Anniversary - Live On April 18th

April 2013 - TVCOGECO will be commemorating the Canadian Cancer Society’s 75th Anniversary with a special live one hour broadcast at 7:00 p.m. on April 18th.

Unraveling The Mystery Of Brain Cancer

April 2013 - Local scientist to study a hard-to-treat cancer with Canadian Cancer Society Innovation Grant

Ontario CEO kicks off Canadian Cancer Society’s 75th Anniversary

March 2013 - To commemorate the Canadian Cancer Society’s 75th Anniversary and in support of Daffodil Month, Ontario Division’s CEO, Martin Kabat, is touring the province to meet with volunteers, donors, survivors, cancer researchers and supporters to bring focus to all that the Society has achieved by working with communities across Ontario. He will also encourage Ontarians to join the fight and talk about how everyone can contribute to changing cancer forever.

Can a gold-plated micro-chip detect the growth of cancer?

March 2013 - A multi-disciplinary team of researchers led by scientists in London and Toronto is developing a simple tool that could one day make it easier to choose the best available cancer treatments for individual patients and improve their chances for survival.

Putting colorectal cancer on the map

March 2013 - Researchers in Hamilton, Ontario, have developed an innovative solution to the difficult problem of looking deep within the human colon for signs of cancer. It is “street-view” mapping – the same way Google does it – using cameras to take pictures in every direction.

Solving the mystery of how childhood brain cancer starts

March 2013 - A pioneering Ottawa scientist has been awarded funding to study for the first time a particular gene that may be involved in childhood cancer and could shed light on how cancer grows.

Indoor tanning danger set to fade for youth as Ontario announces new legislation

March 2013 - The Canadian Cancer Society is thrilled that the Government of Ontario is taking action to address an important cancer prevention issue by introducing new government-backed legislation that would ban youth under 18 from indoor tanning.

Canadian Cancer Society applauds move to ease family caregiver worries

March 2013 - The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to learn that legislation reintroduced at Queen's Park yesterday will strengthen job security for family caregivers.

“Make your bottom your top priority”, urges Canadian Cancer Society during Colon Cancer Awareness Month

March 2013 - Armed with a ‘cheeky’ slogan, the Canadian Cancer Society is aiming to grab the attention of those 50 and over during Colon Cancer Awareness Month this March. Getting checked for colon cancer is likely not at the top of anyone’s to do list, but the Society is encouraging Canadians to make their bottom their priority by getting checked. Many people may be surprised to learn that colon cancer is the number two cancer killer of men and women, yet it is 90% treatable when caught early.

Hamilton study to improve treatment for a hard-to-treat cancer receives $1.2 million in new funding: Canadian Cancer Society announces inaugural Impact Grants

February 2013 - A new type of radiation therapy could potentially change the standard of care for people with inoperable early-stage lung cancer.

Canadian Cancer Society reacts to Throne Speech

February 2013 - The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to hear reference to important cancer-related issues in today’s Throne Speech at the Ontario Legislature.

Myth: Getting a “base tan” protects you from the sun. World Cancer Day: Get the facts

January 2013 - The focus of World Cancer Day on February 4 is to dispel misconceptions about cancer, such as the dangerous myth perpetuated by the tanning industry and in popular culture — the so-called “base tan” for travellers heading south for spring break.

Canadian Cancer Society challenges teens to skip indoor tanning and hold a tan-free grad

January 2013 - The Canadian Cancer Society is challenging teens to skip indoor tanning and organize a Tan-Free Grad campaign in their high school to help educate their friends and peers about the health risks associated with tanning beds this grad season.

First Nations women to receive free transportation to life-saving mammogram appointments: Canadian Cancer Society aims to improve breast screening rates in Northeastern Ontario

January 2013 - Mammograms save lives; yet for some women living in First Nations communities, the financial costs associated with getting to breast screening are prohibitive.

Canadian Cancer Society congratulates Belleville on banning youth from indoor tannng salons

January 2013 - The City of Belleville has passed a by-law that restricts youth under 18 from using indoor tanning equipment. With this decision, Belleville joins a growing list of jurisdictions across the country that have taken action on this important public health issue.

Run towards a smoke-free life with Run to Quit: Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room launch Canada’s first program of its kind to help people quit smoking and learn to run

January 2013 - Tobacco remains the number one preventable killer with more than 100 Canadians dying every day from tobacco use. The Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room have teamed up to help the nearly 5 million Canadians who are still addicted to tobacco with this morning’s launch of Run to Quit, an innovative smoking cessation program based on adopting running as a means to quit smoking. Early research shows that physical activity can significantly help those trying to quit. Run to Quit could revolutionize the way people quit smoking.