Women In Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC) surpasses $5 million in donations to support life-saving cancer research

27 June 2012


The Canadian Cancer Society is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the tremendous achievement of the Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC) who have raised over $5 million dollars for the Society to support lifesaving breast, prostate and general cancer research. In an industry where the largest portion of employees is women, WICC was founded as a passionate response to the number of women they worked with that were facing breast cancer. In 1996 they took action and starting modestly with candle sales, the women and men of WICC have mobilized the entire property and casualty insurance industry to fight back against cancer.

Each year, WICC raises funds through a variety of annual fundraising initiatives including a gala dinner, golf tournament, Breakfast for Cancer and outstanding participation in the Society’s signature fundraising event, Relay For Life. WICC’s year-round fundraising efforts and outreach activities are a leading example of the impact a dedicated group of individuals can have when united in a common cause.

“It’s amazing how far we as a group have come from our humble beginnings,” says Barb Reddick, Executive Director, WICC Ontario. “This landmark achievement is attributed to the women and men throughout the insurance industry who have taken action whether that be buying a ticket to an event, volunteering for a local committee, purchasing a product or developing their own event to raise funds. Every effort counts in the fight for a cure.”

WICC’s commitment to raising funds for cancer research is saving lives. According to Canadian Cancer Statistics, the cancer death rate is declining in Canada, and has been since the 1980s thanks in large part to research.

“In the last two decades alone, 100,000 lives have been saved because of the declining death rate, meaning 100,000 people and their families have been spared suffering - that’s almost the population of Barrie,” says Martin Kabat, CEO, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division. “Advancement in how we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer is the main reason behind this good news, and this progress would not have been possible without the knowledge we uncover through research and research is only possible through the generous support of our donors like WICC.”

The Canadian Cancer Society is proud to be the exclusive charity partner of WICC and thanks their volunteers and supporters for joining us in the fight against cancer.

About WICC

WICC is an organization of women and men dedicated to mobilizing the Canadian insurance industry in the fight against cancer by focusing on fundraising for cancer research and providing support and educational opportunities to their peers. WICC's donations are used to fund breast, prostate and other forms of lifesaving cancer research. More information about WICC can be found at www.wicc.ca.

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