Canadian Cancer Society’s Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2011: Society funded teams are changing the landscape of cancer research

04 January 2012


The Canadian Cancer Society is proud to announce its top 10 breakthroughs of 2011. This list of accomplishments showcases how researchers funded by the Society continue to lead the way in advances that will reduce the number of Canadians diagnosed with and dying from cancer, and improve the quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer. Due to progress in cancer research, over 60% of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive, compared with only 25%when the Society began funding research in the 1940s.

“2011 has been a very exciting year for cancer research,” said Sarah Bouma, Senior Manager, Research, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division. “Society funded researchers have made tremendous gains, particularly in clinical trials. Research advances in Ontario and across the country are impacting the lives of people living with cancer, their families and caregivers.”

Story highlights include:

  • A landmark clinical trial of a new way to prevent breast cancer.
  • A Toronto protocol that gives 100% survival for families with a specific hereditary cancer.
  • The discovery of a human blood stem cell that could end the search for bone marrow.
  • A new imaging method that could detect lung cancer with more accuracy.
  • A clinical trial that has found that men with prostate cancer can take a drug ‘holiday’.
  • The development of tumour-killing nanoparticles.

The top 10 breakthroughs are available at

In addition to the top 10 breakthroughs, seven scientists funded by the Society received major national awards recognizing their research achievements. Of those seven, three researchers were elected by their peers to the Royal Society of Canada, one of the highest honours a scholar can receive in the arts, humanities and sciences in this country.

“We have made great progress, but there’s much more to be done,” added Bouma. “Each day with the help of our donors, we are fighting cancer from all angles including prevention, earlier detection, improved treatments and quality of life.”

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