Canadian Cancer Society congratulates Nova Scotia Government on legislation to ban flavoured tobacco

24 October 2014

Halifax, NS -

The Canadian Cancer Society applauds the Nova Scotia government for its leadership in tobacco control and the introduction of legislation that will ban the sale of flavoured tobacco. In addition to flavoured tobacco, the legislation aims to address the sale and use of e-cigarettes and water pipes.

“The Nova Scotia Government deserves praise for legislation banning flavoured tobacco in order to curtail youth smoking,” said Kelly Cull, Manager, Government Relations, Canadian Cancer Society Nova Scotia Division. “These measures will position Nova Scotia as having some of the most progressive tobacco legislation in Canada.”


This builds on past leadership by the province. Nova Scotia was the first province in Canada to ban the sale of tobacco in vending machines and to require smoke-free patios.


“While the Society is pleased with the overall legislation, we urge government to continue to examine the issue of menthol smoking among youth,” says Cull. Menthol tobacco products would be exempt in the proposed legislation.


Tobacco use kills 1,700 Nova Scotians every year, and over $170 million is spent annually to treat tobacco related disease. “Given that 8 in 10 adult tobacco users start smoking in their teen years, it’s critical that government restrict tobacco products that are designed to attract youth,” says Cull. “Tobacco products that taste like strawberry and chocolate in flashy packaging are attractive to children and encourage them to experiment with tobacco.”


The Canadian Cancer Society has been calling for a ban on flavoured tobacco products in the province. The National Youth Smoking Survey (2012-13) found that in Nova Scotia 48% of high school students who use tobacco products use flavoured tobacco. The same survey also showed that of high school students in Nova Scotia who smoke, 34% smoke menthol.

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Media contact information:

Heather Creighton Spriet

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

Canadian Cancer Society Nova Scotia Division