Society welcomes proposed affordable drug plan

18 September 2015

Toronto -

The Canadian Cancer Society supports federal action to fix gaps in prescription drug coverage and make essential medications available to all Canadians, as promised by NDP leader Tom Mulcair this week.

“The current system is broken, and many people are falling through the cracks,” says Gabriel Miller, Director, Public Issues, Canadian Cancer Society. “Coping with a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment is difficult enough. People with cancer and their families should not have to face the additional burden and stress of trying to determine how to fund their drugs.”

The Society wants all levels of government to work together to improve access to cancer drugs and make them more affordable. All levels of government must work together to fill the gaps in drug coverage and restore confidence in universal healthcare in Canada.

“Fixing the system will reduce the burden on patients and families and lower overall healthcare costs,” says Miller. On average, a single course of cancer medication costs more than $70,000 per person, and existing support programs leave people with cancer paying more out of their pockets than they can afford.

The Society is calling on all federal parties to make health a priority in the 2015 election campaign, and to support policies that will contribute to the eradication of cancer, the sustainability of our health systems and enhanced quality of life for people who have cancer and their families.

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