Federal bill to reduce tobacco contraband applauded by the Canadian Cancer Society

05 November 2013

Ottawa -

The Canadian Cancer Society welcomes a federal bill to reduce tobacco contraband introduced in Parliament today. Bill C-10 – the Tackling Contraband Tobacco Act – received first reading in the House of Commons and was jointly announced by Minister of Health Rona Ambrose and Minister of Justice Peter Mackay.

“Higher tobacco taxes increase the cost of cigarettes and are the most effective way to reduce youth smoking,” says Rob Cunningham, Senior Policy Analyst, Canadian Cancer Society. “The availability of cheap contraband cigarettes undermines the effectiveness of tobacco taxes.”

Cunningham adds that illegal cigarette sales have decreased dramatically in recent years and Bill C-10 will provide additional enforcement mechanisms to help further reduce tobacco contraband.

“This bill contributes to a comprehensive tobacco control strategy that includes taxation, legislation and programing,” says Cunningham.

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