Canadian Cancer Society – Fighting Cancer with Canadians

21 June 2011

Toronto -

With the Canadian Cancer Society’s national signature special event – Relay For Life – taking place in hundreds of communities across Canada , the Society thanks participants and all its donors for helping lead the way in the fight against cancer.

“With the generous help of Canadians, the Society is making more impact, in more communities than any other charity in Canada,” says Peter Goodhand, President and CEO, Canadian Cancer Society. “We are truly grateful for this continued support of our work and we wish all Relay For Life participants great success at their events. By working together, we will create a world where no Canadian fears cancer.”

The Society fights cancer on three fronts:

  • by delivering programs and services based on the needs of Canadians
  • by funding world class research to advance discovery in all aspects of cancer
  • by advocating on behalf of Canadians on important cancer issues

“Each area of our work provides an important piece to our comprehensive approach to fighting this disease,” says Goodhand. “We believe strongly that this multi-faceted approach is the key to continued progress against cancer. We are confident that Canadians see us as their best investment in the cancer fight because of our balanced approach.”

The Society does everything it can to reduce the risk of Canadians ever developing cancer, provide meaningful support to people living with cancer and to fund impactful research. Here’s how the Society’s work is impacting Canadians:

The Society is the largest national charitable funder of cancer research in Canada. Three extraordinary breakthroughs in breast and prostate cancer, funded by the Society, have the potential to change the way cancer is prevented and treated. Read more about how Society-funded research is making an impact across Canada and around the world.

We led advocacy campaigns that resulted in the federal government creating the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, resulting in over $100 million per year of federal investment in cancer research.

We are advocating for a ban on asbestos as all forms of asbestos cause cancer

We are lobbying the federal government to establish:

  • a national caregivers strategy to ensure there is more financial support for this important group of people;
  • a national catastrophic drug program as all Canadians must have access to cancer drug treatments without financial hardship, no matter where they live.

We’re working across Canada to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides as well as indoor tanning for young people. We have led advocacy efforts to establish provincial colorectal cancer screening programs.

We have been a leader in tobacco control in Canada for years. We were a key player in ensuring the federal government implemented a national ban on flavoured cigarillos and cigarettes in 2010, and our efforts re-established leadership in tobacco package labeling.

Our information and support services helped an estimated 75,000 cancer patients and caregivers 

  • We distributed about two million print materials across Canada about all aspects of cancer last year.
  • Our telephone-based Cancer Information Service has helped almost one million people since 1996.
  • More than 6,600 people across Canada were helped by the Society’s CancerConnection telephone-based peer support program last year.
  • Our website – – received more than 3.6 million visits from Canadians looking for current information about cancer.

We engage Canadians in communities where they work and live to increase their participation in healthy living to reduce their cancer risk. Our smoking cessation programs supported over 50,000 in their efforts to quit smoking

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we know that there is still much more to be done,” says Goodhand. “We will continue to work with Canadians so that fewer Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, more will survive and people living with cancer get the support they need.”


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is the only national charity that supports Canadians with all cancers in communities across the country. No other organization does what we do; we are the voice for Canadians who care about cancer. We fund groundbreaking research, provide a support system for all those affected by cancer and advocate to governments for important social change.

Help us make a difference. Call 1-888-939-3333 or visit today.

For more information, please contact:

Christine Harminc

Senior Manager, Communications & Media Relations

Canadian Cancer Society

Phone: 416 934-5340