Canadian Cancer Society marks its 75th anniversary, continuing to fight against all cancers.

01 January 2013

Winnipeg, Manitoba -

For 75 years the Canadian Cancer Society has helped thousands of Manitobans with their cancer journeys and continues to reach out to support those in the fight for life.  

Since 1938, the Canadian Cancer Society has been the trusted national voice in the fight against cancer and the primary source of support and information for all Canadians affected by cancer.

Canada’s preeminent national cancer charity has developed a series of tools and programs that utilize technology and relationships to span distances, bring people together and provide expert advice to cancer patients, their families and caring friends no matter where they live.

Already, more than one million Canadians have accessed these services. However, with improvements that have been made for 2012, the Cancer Society expects to help even more people.

“Cancer is a complicated disease.  It can be hard to understand and that can make a stressful situation even worse,’’ said Mark McDonald, Executive Director of the Canadian Cancer Society, Manitoba Division. “We’re dedicated to supporting Manitobans on a cancer journey with programs and services to help them, their families and friends cope.

“Technology allows us to make distances disappear and extend the caring support. The Cancer Society is known for - providing reliable, expert information to Manitobans no matter where they live.”

And the need has never been greater. In Manitoba this year, more than 6,100 people will receive a cancer diagnosis. Ten times that many Manitobans will receive a cancer scare and sadly, 2,750 Manitobans will succumb to the disease this year.

While a medical practitioner continues to be the best source of health care information, the Cancer Society has a suite of tools to help Manitobans understand medical terms and conditions associated with cancer.

The Society also has support programs that utilize experts, former cancer patients and caregivers to help those on a cancer journey. These efforts, combined with our work in prevention, are the foundation for a future where we will engage Canadians to change cancer forever.

The Canadian Cancer Society Information and Support Services include:

The Canadian Cancer Encyclopedia and Glossary

This comprehensive and free online cancer information database covers a wide range of cancer-related topics including risk reduction, screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care. The encyclopedia is intended to provide general cancer information but does not provide medical advice. The content is reviewed and updated regularly, and is supported by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. Access the Canadian Cancer Encyclopedia at

Cancer Information Service

Our Cancer Information Service is a national, bilingual, toll-free service that provides confidential, comprehensive and credible information about cancer and community resources across Canada. Cancer information specialists are available to answer cancer-related inquiries by phone and by e-mail five days a week, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., year round. For more detailed answers, they will follow-up with more information by mail, email or fax. Have a question? Call 1 888 939-3333 or e-mail

Peer Support Program

The Canadian Cancer Society believes it must do what is possible to support Manitobans living with cancer. We know cancer can be scary and that is why 15 years ago we developed a program to match people who are living with cancer with others who have had a similar cancer experience. The Peer Support Program is available to those living with cancer and their families. The intent is to provide support and practical information that makes it easier to cope with a cancer diagnosis.  If we cannot find a volunteer peer connection close to home, we will search nationwide for a volunteer whose experience closely resembles a caller’s cancer diagnosis and personal experiences. The match is based on factors that are important to the individual such as type of cancer, gender, treatment, side effects, relationship to the person who is diagnosed, age or family situation. Support is available in English, French and many other languages. These volunteers will then support you over the phone or by email at times that are convenient to you. Call us at 1 888 939-3333 Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Transportation Service

The Transportation Service program is available in over 50 Manitoban communities that provide subsidized rides to cancer patients to and from their treatment.  It will provide around 30,000 rides this year and are provided by volunteer drivers. For more information on the program visit  or call toll free at 1-888-532-6982. - Building a cancer community

The Canadian Cancer Society has developed an online community that is a safe and welcoming place for Canadians to share their cancer experiences and build relationships with supporters to help them throughout their cancer journey.  Anyone can build an online profile and get connected at or 

Smokers’ Helpline - Helping prevent cancer by helping people live tobacco free

Manitobans can receive information and tailored advice from trained specialists about quitting cigarette smoking and other tobacco use. Quit Coaches will help callers develop strategies to quit and can move them along the path toward living tobacco-free. Individuals wanting to help loved ones quit can also call this confidential, bilingual and toll-free service at 1-877-513-5333.

The Smokers’ Helpline Online is an interactive, web-based version of our service available 24 hours every day. It offers tips, tools and support to help with quitting smoking or other tobacco use. Please visit for more information.

About the Canadian Cancer Society

For 75 years the Canadian Cancer Society has been with Canadians in the fight for life. We have been relentless in our commitment to prevent cancer, fund research and support Canadians touched by cancer. From this foundation, we will work with Canadians to change cancer forever so fewer Canadians are diagnosed with the disease and more survive. When you want to know more about cancer, visit our website at or call our toll-free bilingual Cancer Information Service at 1-888-939-3333.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Permanand

Communications Manager

Canadian Cancer Society


Phone: 204-990-4310