Passing blame to others is the number 1 workplace pet peeve

21 September 2015

Calgary -

September sees most everyone heading back to the office after their summer vacations – including that one colleague who grinds your gears.

An unofficial survey commissioned by the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division, has found that Albertans are most annoyed by colleagues who pass the blame instead of admitting to wrongdoings. Running late and talking too loudly round out the top three.

The survey was sent to Albertans in advance of the Society’s annual Jail-N-Bail® fundraising event this October.

“Cancer is complex and so is workplace etiquette,” says Siobhan Doherty with the Canadian Cancer Society. “Jail-N-Bail is your chance to throw your worst-offending colleagues behind bars – all in the name of a just cause. Justice will prevail not only at your office, but also for all Canadians living with cancer now and in the future.”

Jailbirds are arrested by volunteers and taken to a makeshift jail, where they stand trial in front of a local judge and jury. After pleading their case and inevitably being found guilty, jailbirds use their connections to raise bail for their release. This money will lock up the real bad guy: cancer.

Survey results

Top 5 workplace pet peeves:

  1. Passes the blame instead of admitting to wrongdoing (31%).
  2. Holds up others by always running late (28%).
  3. Distracts from the task at hand by talking too loudly on the phone (22%).
  4. Steals time by holding meetings that always run long and/or scheduling unnecessary meetings (19%).
  5. Sneaks the last of the coffee without making a fresh pot (14%).

Other annoying offences:

  • Leaving science projects (aka: mouldy food) in the fridge.
  • Humming, burping and consistently being unreliable.
  • Wasting time by chatting too much and then complaining about his or her workload.
  • Comes in late and leaves early.
  • General lack of awareness of other people (is messy; barges into offices when the doors are closed, etc.).

About Jail-N-Bail

Jail-N-Bail is taking place this October in:

  • Calgary on October 7
  • Red Deer on October 22
  • Edmonton on October 29

Learn more and snitch on a colleague today at

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