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Getting to treatment

Sometimes getting to and from treatment can be difficult. The Canadian Cancer Society may be able to help.

Our Getting to Treatment program helps patients and caregivers get to and from cancer treatment appointments using volunteer drivers and by providing assistance with the costs of transportation and accommodation. And it's funded by people just like you!

In Saskatchewan, more than 750 people needed our help to travel for treatment last year. Going to treatment often results in caretakers missing work. Some people are forced to quit their job. Others lose their jobs.

On average, each year, thanks to our supporters, we help more than 200 cancer patients and a smaller number of caregivers with the costs of transportation and accommodation when travelling for treatment.

Roughly 19% of people are over the age of 80 when they are diagnosed with cancer. If they're on a fixed income or don’t have family members to help, getting to treatment and appointments can be hard. Too hard sometimes.

And sometimes, people are simply too sick to drive, or don’t have a car. Our volunteer drivers are a vital lifeline, providing rides when cancer patients are unable to drive themselves to treatment or make alternative arrangements. 

Our volunteer drivers provide approximately 10,000 rides to and from treatment for more than 550 cancer patients each year.

For Debbra Hartl, the support her family received from the Canadian Cancer Society after her father was diagnosed with lung cancer made such a difference.

Debbra’s father Don was in need of treatment five days a week for six weeks, but the treatment he needed was not available close to his home – the family farm near Preeceville. So Don and his wife travelled to Saskatoon and stayed at a cancer lodge with the support of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Getting to Treatment program. Thanks to the Society’s financial assistance program, Don’s family didn’t have to worry about the cost of travelling to and from Saskatoon. Instead, they were able to focus on quality time together.

From that lodge, one of our volunteer drivers was able to take them to and from the cancer treatment centre each day. It might not seem like much, but it meant that Don’s family didn’t have to spend their last few months with dad worrying about practicalities, but rather could focus on quality time together.

To reach us, call toll-free 1 855 566-5717; Regina residents call 306-566-5717.

Become a volunteer driver.



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