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Travel and accommodation

Treatments for cancer can be done in many community hospitals throughout Ontario as well as comprehensive regional cancer centres. These centres have highly specialized staff and equipment. If you are to be treated at one of these regional programs, you may need to travel farther and find accommodation at times.

The Canadian Cancer Society may be able to help you with transportation to treatment appointments if you have no other way to get there.

The Society has also helped to create lodges in some communities where people receiving treatment can stay. These lodges are comfortable and provide the opportunity to meet other people with cancer and their families and participate in activities, information sessions and support groups.

Some cancer centres offer other options for accommodation during treatment. Ask your nurse or a social worker for information, call 1-888-939-3333 or email us.

Cancer lodges are available in the following locations:

Barrie – Rotary House at Royal Victoria Hospital
Hamilton – Durand Residence – Hamilton Health Sciences
Ottawa – Maurice J. Grimes Lodge at The Ottawa Hospital
Sudbury – Daffodil Terrace Lodge at Health Sciences North
Thunder Bay – TBayTel Tamarack House at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Contact Supportive Care for more information.
Toronto – Princess Margaret Hospital Lodge

Some community hospitals, regional cancer centres and lodges have Canadian Cancer Society volunteers there to help you. They can help you find your way around, sit with you while you’re waiting for appointments and provide comfort and refreshments. They can also tell you more about the Canadian Cancer Society and other services we provide.

Find out more about regional cancer programs in Ontario.



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