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Getting transportation to treatment

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Sometimes simply getting to treatment can be difficult. If you can’t afford the cost of travel, or if you are not physically well enough to use public transportation, we can work with you to help find a solution.

Our Wheels of Hope Transportation Service covers 2 programs: Volunteer Driver Provided Program and Family Provided Program. These programs are intended to assist an eligible client and escort (if required) with their short-term travel to attend cancer-specific medical appointments or supportive care services delivered by a professional recognized by Ontario's Health Care System. Patients must declare a financial, physical or emotional need for service. For more information about each program click the 'Need Transportation' tab below.

  • Need transportation?

    Volunteer Driver Provided Program

    Since the mid 1950's the Society has provided volunteer driver transportation assistance for people with cancer.

    Volunteer drivers provide return trips for patients from their home to treatment centres. They offer friendly support and kindness at a time when patients need it most.

    New patients who register for volunteer driver provided transportation will be required to pay a one-time registration fee of $100. Patients 18 years or younger or are covered by the Northern Health Travel Grant are exempt. If you are unable to pay the full registration fee, you may be eligible for assistance through our compassionate program. We are committed to ensuring that no patient is denied a ride due to their inability to pay the entire registration fee.  FAQ about the fee.

    To register or for more information call 1-800-263-6750.

    Family Provided Program

    Family provided transportation assistance is available to a family who’s child has cancer and is traveling 200 km (one way) or more to get to the treatment centre(s).

    In these instances families provide the transportation to treatment and are reimbursed financially according to our policies.

    Families should contact their Social Worker or Interlink Nurse at their treatment centre to register.

  • Become a driver

    Volunteer drivers are well trained and supported in their role, and are important ambassadors for the Canadian Cancer Society. We offer flexible day-time driving opportunities based on your schedule.

    Potential drivers must attend a training session and have a MTO and criminal records check before joining our team of volunteer drivers.

    Drivers are reimbursed for kms accumulated while driving patients to their appointments and home again. The reimbursement rate is based on the preceding three months average fuel price and the fixed costs of a current year Grand Caravan. Rates are reviewed on the 15th of February, May, August and November of each year.

    Drivers can further support the program by donating all or part of their reimbursement amount and in return receive an income tax receipt.

    Want to join our team of volunteer drivers? Contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office or complete the volunteer registration form online.

  • Did you know?

    The Society's Wheels of Hope Service is one of the largest volunteer-provided programs in North America.

    The Society invests in recruiting, training and maintaining approximately 2,600 volunteer drivers to support the program.

    In 2015, our drivers made more than 72,600 trips totaling 11 million km. These drivers helped 11,437 patients attend over 108,500 cancer related appointments.

    We anticipate the need for the program will increase each year given the aging population and more advanced screening practices.

    You can find clear information about our finances in our annual impact report. You will find information on how much we spend on programs, research and advocacy and how much we invest in fundraising.

  • Who to contact

    If you need a ride to your treatment and you would like to register for our Volunteer Driver Provided Program please call 1-800-263-6750.

    If you have a child with cancer please contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office to register for our Family Provided Program.

    If you would like to become a volunteer driver please contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office or complete the volunteer registration form online.

    If you have questions about the Wheels of Hope Volunteer Driver Provided Program or the registration fee, call 1-800-623-6750.

    Support of the Wheels of Hope Transportation Service is always appreciated. Donations can be made online, by phone at 1-888-939-3333, by mail or in person at any one of the Canadian Cancer Society community offices.



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