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Material assistance in Quebec

Medical material and other material

Material assistance is provided to all people touched by cancer who will make a request by filling in the “Request Form for Medical material and other material”. The request must be completed and signed by a health care professional and sent directly to the person in charge.

  • To order material assistance

    To obtain material assistance, a healthcare professional must complete the appropriate request Form for medical material and other material or renewal form and send it to your regional office, to the attention of the “person responsible for material assistance” by mail, fax ou email at:

    Material Aid
    Canadian Cancer Society
    5151 de l’Assomption Blvd.
    Montreal, Quebec H1T 4A9
    Phone number : 514 255-5151, ext. 6004 
    Fax number : 514 255-2808
    Courriel :

    Your order will be mailed to you.

  • The loan of a wig

    The Canadian Cancer Society also offers complementary services, such as temporary breast prostheses. Most of our regional offices and service centers also loan out wigs, scarves and turbans. To ensure that materials are available, contact the closest regional office or service centers.



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