Wigs and hair donations

We help people living with cancer find wigs when they lose their hair as a result of cancer treatment.


Procter & Gamble Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, launched the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign in 2007. Our partnership encourages Canadians to donate their hair to create real-hair wigs for people who are undergoing cancer treatment.


Pantene Beautiful Lengths accepts hair donations, then creates, ships and donates real-hair wigs to Canadian Cancer Society wig banks across Canada. There is no cost to the Society or to the individuals who receive these wigs. Please consider sending your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths as a meaningful way to support someone on a cancer journey.

How to donate your hair

If you’re thinking about donating your hair, here’s how it works:


For all hair donations:

  • Hair must be clean, dry and not swept off the floor.
  • Hair must be a minimum length, based on the requirements of the hair donation program.
  • In most cases, hair should not be chemically treated (bleach, colour or perm).
  • Hair should be bundled in a ponytail at both ends.

Send hair by regular mail to the hair donation program of your choice. Include your name and address to receive an acknowledgement.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

c/o Archway Marketing Services
P. O. Box 434
2110 Kipling Avenue
Etobicoke Station B, ON M9W 5L4

Minimum requirements: length – 8 inches (20 cm).

Visit Pantene Beautiful Lengths for hair guidelines and cutting instructions, as well as a free eLabel to cover the cost of postage if mailed in Canada.

How to find a wig

There are many places to get a wig in Ontario. To find a wig near you, consult the Community Services Locator or contact your local office.