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Financial help

Sometimes getting to and from treatment can be difficult.

Our financial assistance program provides assistance to those who need help covering the cost of transportation and accommodation when travelling for treatment appointments in other cities.

The Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan Financial Assistance Program supports those who need help covering the cost of transportation and accommodation when travelling out of their home centre for treatment. Qualification for funding for this program is based on the federal government low income guidelines.

The amount of support depends on your household income and your expenses related to treatment. The maximum annual available funding is $1,000 per year.

In 2012, the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan provided over $224,000 to people needing assistance. This program is not funded by the government and only made possible by generous donations. On behalf of the people living with cancer who we have helped, a huge heartfelt thank you! 

Meet the Cushways

Heather Cushway was very shocked to hear that her 1-year-old boy Braydon had clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, a rare type of cancer. Heather didn’t work while Braydon was having treatment. It was important that Heather and her husband be at the hospital with their son for every treatment and for Braydon to know that he had mom and dad’s full support every step of the way as he fought cancer. No child, not anybody, should ever fight cancer alone.

Taking care of a loved one while they have treatment is the first priority. It has to be. But still, Heather lost her job because she needed to focus on her son’s health.

Cancer treatment usually results in a temporary interruption of income while people receive treatment. If disability insurance is not available through the workplace, then people most likely use Employment Insurance sick benefits which is 55% of their gross income and only last for 12 weeks. Sometimes a diagnosis of cancer can result in job loss. Seniors who are living on fixed government pensions do not have the additional funds for travel and accommodation expenses incurred by treatment. In Saskatchewan, more than 750 people needed our help to travel for treatment last year.

So when people like Heather and her family need help with the travel costs necessary for treatment, we want to be there for them.

We were able to provide the Cushways with financial assistance, part of our Getting to Treatment program. This helped ease the pressure of Heather’s job loss and ensured that Braydon could get to the treatments he needed with both parents.

Today Braydon is a happy, healthy boy of 8. He is big brother to Riley, 5.

To reach us, call toll-free 1-888-939-3333.

We cannot continue this critical work without the generous support of donors. Donate now.

Read more about the Cushways.



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