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Financial help

Assistance if you need it
The Canadian Cancer Society program, Access to Care, provides some treatment-related travel and accommodation assistance to people with cancer who have a limited income. Assistance is provided for travel and accommodation costs related to cancer treatment and follow-up appointments for the person who is being treated and one attendant.

Financial support
The amount of financial support available depends on:

  • household income
  • expenses
Financial assistance qualifying income chart (as of June 8, 2012)

Family Size Family Size

Annual Qualifying Income

 1 person – the applicant only


 2 people – applicant + 1 person


 3 people – applicant + 2 people


 4 people – applicant + 3 people


 5 people – applicant + 4 people


 6 people – applicant + 5 people


 7 people – applicant + 6 people


(excerpt from Statistics Canada Low Income ut-offs)

The maximum assistance that may be provided depends upon the applicant’s net annual household income, but never exceeds $750 within the Canadian Cancer Society fiscal year (February 1 – January 31)

If you are covered by another program
Our Access to Care assistance does not cover people who are eligible for social assistance Supplementary Health Benefits or Non-Insured Indian Health Benefits. If you are eligible for those services, contact the appropriate provincial or federal government agencies.

Support for your attendant
If you need to have someone with you at all times, the Canadian Cancer Society may be able to help cover some of your attendant’s travel and accommodation costs. Your attendant must meet the same financial assistance eligibility criteria that apply to you. The maximum assistance available to your attendant is $750 per year.

How our Access to Care financial assistance program is funded
This program is funded entirely through donations to the Canadian Cancer Society from people who wish to help others during their cancer journey.

To determine if you are eligible for financial assistance please complete the following forms and submit to 193 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2B7.

Access to Care Application

Confirmation of Treatment



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