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Advocate services – if you have cancer and need help

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are often faced with many decisions. You may also need to draw on a whole range of resources, including the public healthcare system, benefits from your employment, private insurance or other financial plans and government services at the federal, provincial or municipal level. When you are dealing with so many different people and organizations, problems can happen. Most people can resolve issues and draw on their resources, but sometimes people need extraordinary help.

Accessing government or healthcare services

With your agreement, the Society can act as your agent to interact with federal, provincial or municipal officials, healthcare personnel or organizations, private companies or nonprofit bodies. We will talk with you about each step along the way so that you know what we will do on your behalf. Many government or healthcare services have their own staff to address issues, and the Society will work with them whenever possible.

The Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan always works to solve problems at the lowest possible level, and our guidelines require us to work with other organizations and officials on a friendly, professional basis. We will only raise the issue as far as we need to solve the problem, and only as far as your comfort level allows.

An independent voice

The Society is not connected with any government or health service organization. There is no charge for advocate services, and we will work with you for as long as we need to solve the problem or until there is no further action that we can reasonably take. Funds for this service come from generous donors.

The next step – contact us

To reach Saskatchewan's advocate services, call us toll-free at 1-888-939-3333. 

We cannot continue this critical work without the generous support of donors. 

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