Research redesign committees - 2010/2011

Research redesign working groups - 2010/2011

End 1 – Reduced Cancer Incidence Rates for Canadians 
Paul A. Demers
Carolyn Gotay
David Hammond
Barbara Kaminsky
Scott Leatherdale
Louise Parker
Jack Siemiatycki
Maureen Summers
Cancer Care Ontario
University of British Columbia
Hospital for Sick Children / ACOR
Canadian Cancer Society, BC&Y Division
Cancer Care Ontario
Dalhousie University / ACOR
Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal Research Centre
Canadian Cancer Society, NS Division / ACOR
End 2 – Reduced Cancer Mortality Rates for Canadians
Keith Bonham
Dan Durocher
David Malkin
Michael Ohh
Hanne L. Ostergaard
Linda Penn
Steve Robbins
Jeremy Squire
Brian Wilson
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
University of Waterloo
University of Toronto
University of Alberta / ACOR
Princess Margaret Hospital
Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute / University of Calgary
NCIC Clinical Trials Group / Queen’s University / Kingston General Hospital
Ontario Cancer Institute/University of Toronto / ACOR
End 3 – Enhanced Quality of Life for Canadians Living with and Beyond Cancer
Shabbir Alibhai
Lynda Balneaves
Richard Doll
Tom Hack
Mary McBride
Gary Rodin
Zeev Rosberger
Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Cancer Agency
Psychosocial Oncology and Cancer Nursing Research
University of British Columbia / Young Adult Cancer Survivor Research Program
Toronto General Research Institute / Princess Margaret Hospital / ACOR
Jewish General Hospital / Segal Cancer Centre - JGH / McGill University / ACOR
Additional individuals consulted
Svein Carlsen
Connie Eaves
Spencer Gibson
Thomas J. Hudson
Gerry Johnston
Michael Julius
Jacques Magnan
Leigh Murphy
Christopher Paige
Morag Park
Janet Rossant
Jim Woodgett
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
BC Cancer Agency
Cancer Care Manitoba
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Dalhousie University
Sunnybrook Research Institute
Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions
Manitoba Institute for Cell Biology
University Health Network
Canadian Institutes of Health Research / McGill University
Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Michael Wosnick
Anne Vezina
Christine Williams
Siân Bevan
VP Research and Scientific Director
VP Strategy Performance
Director of Research
Assistant Director, Research Programs

Research cabinet - 2010/2011

Ms Sarah Bouma
Mme Suzanne Dubois
Dr Peter Forsyth
Mr Peter Goodhand
Dr Carolyn Gotay
Mr Dan Holinda
Ms Barb Kaminsky
Dr David Malkin
Dr Martin Kabat
Dr Zeev Rosberger
Dr Cal Roskelley
Ms Maureen Summers
Dr Michel Tremblay
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Christine Williams
Dr Michael Wosnick
Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division
Executive Director, Canadian Cancer Society, Quebec Division
President and CEO, Canadian Cancer Society
University of British Columbia
Executive Director, Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/N.W.T. Division
CEO, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division
CEO, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division
CEO, Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia Division
Director of Research, CCSRI
V.P., Research, and Scientific Director, CCSRI

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