Cancer risk reduction and prevention research programs evaluation

CCSRI initiated a project to facilitate the ongoing monitoring and tracking of cancer risk reduction and prevention (End 1) research programs. Using the Results Chain framework, CCSRI developed results chains with matching progress reports for End 1 research programs to allow for more consistent tracking and monitoring of research progress and impacts.

As part of this project, CCSRI also completed two separate data analyses aimed at gaining a richer understanding of Canadian Cancer Society's End 1 research investment. The first analysis used data from the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA) special report on investment in cancer risk and prevention research to compare the CCS’s 2005-2007 investment in cancer risk reduction and prevention research to CCRA members’ 2005-2007 investment. The second analysis used internal data to provide a detailed overview of CCS investment in End 1 research from 2006-2011.

Full reports are available upon request to

Last modified on: February 26, 2016