Research Scientist Awards in Prevention Research

This category is not open to applications. Details are provided for information only. Please see Financial administration for updated information on scientific and financial reporting requirements and policies.


The Canadian Cancer Society Prevention Initiative – Research Scientist Awards in Prevention Research are career development awards and are intended for candidates who have shown a commitment to cancer prevention interventions research. Interventions to prevent cancer are defined as research to modify determinants of, and/or changes to, behaviours or exposures that affect cancer risk.

Applications were invited from candidates:

  1. At an Associate Professor level position (or higher) or have equivalent research experience, with a demonstrated record of meritorious research in cancer prevention interventions at a Canadian institution recognized by the Canadian Cancer Society
  2. Holding a Canadian Cancer Society research grant or at least one other fully-funded, peer-reviewed research grant in cancer research at the time of application
  3. Nominated by the university where they hold an academic appointment

Terms of awards

Awards will be funded up to $100,000 per year for up to five years. These awards will not be renewable.

Acknowledgement of funds

Grantees must acknowledge the Canadian Cancer Society in all scientific communications and media releases related to this award. The Notification of Award will detail the appropriate acknowledgement of the Canadian Cancer Society in all publications.

General administration

Administration of these funds will follow the same guidelines as those for personnel awards and as described under financial administration.

Last modified on: September 14, 2017