Population Health Intervention Research Grant - CIHR

This category is not open to applications. Details are provided for information only. Please see Financial administration for updated information on scientific and financial reporting requirements and policies.

The CCS partnered with the CIHR/Institute of Population Health for this grant opportunity. The CCS is contributing $200,000 to this competition.

The specific objectives of this funding opportunity were to:

  • support population health intervention research on rapidly unfolding programs, policies and resource distribution approaches that 1) would benefit from a timely study, and 2) have the potential to promote health and health equity at a population level
  • encourage collaboration of community, non-profit, private, and/or public partners, where appropriate
  • develop knowledge exchange opportunities between researchers and community, non-profit, private, and/or public partners

Organizations participating in this funding opportunity will provide funding for applications that are relevant to the objectives and research priority areas. Letters of Intent will be reviewed by the partners for relevance to the research areas. Letters of Intent not deemed to be relevant will be withdrawn from the competition.

Please visit the CIHR website for more details on this opportunity.

Last modified on: September 14, 2017