2016/17 ARCC Seed grants in applied cancer control research

1. Purpose

The purpose of the ARCC Seed Grant program is to provide initial ‘start-up’ funding for new or existing researchers to conduct research. The proposed research is to be in an area that is relevant to ARCC, specifically demonstrating alignment with one of the core ARCC Program Areas (Health Technology Assessment; Health Systems, Services, and Policy; Societal Values and Public Engagement; and Survivorship)
Examples of studies that can be funded through this funding opportunity include studies that collect pilot data, studies involving analysis of administrative data, and literature reviews. Upon completion of the Seed Grant project, the research team should be able to demonstrate support for a larger funding application to external granting agencies by, for example: providing preliminary data to justify the need for further research, showing a foundation on which a larger project can be built, and producing deliverables related to a project plan.

Competition timeline & key dates
Competition open: August 17, 2016
Application deadline: October 14, 2016
Award announcement: late November 2016

1.1 Available funds

This program is meant to support projects lasting up to one year.  The maximum amount for a single award is $30,000. Up to 3-5 projects will be funded.

2. Eligibility

The Principal Investigator must be an ARCC member in good standing who is not currently receiving other ARCC funds related to the current project. The proposed project must not be funded by other sources, i.e. this is not a program to be used to top-up other grants. It is expected that the proposed budget for the project will be enough to complete the project without the requirement of other funds to make the project feasible.
Those who do not meet the above criteria may apply as co-investigators or collaborators along with a PI who meets the criteria.

2.1 Ineligible applications
The following types of studies are not eligible for funding:
  • Research conducted as part of an academic requirement (e.g. student course work)
  • Clinical Trials
  • Basic or biomedical research
  • Project planning activities
  • Projects with an expected timeline of more than 1 year

3. Application process

To be eligible for consideration, all applications must include the following documents in the order below. Applications will not be considered if required components are missing. The original, signed application must be submitted on the ARCC application form. The application must be received by 4:00pm on the deadline date (October 14, 2016). Late applications will not be accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the application is accurate and complete.

Item Maximum length
See form
As Needed
As needed
Abbreviated CV for PI and all Co-I’s including all publications in the last 3 years
Maximum 5 pages/CV
Signed letter(s) of support from Co-Investigators detailing their role in the project
As needed (required for each noted co-investigator)
3.1 Submission instructions

Please email your application to: Kim van der Hoek, ARCC Centre Manager, kvdhoek@bccrc.ca

PDF format is preferred. Please send all items as one file.

Deadline for Submission: A complete application must be received by 4:00pm PST on Friday October 14, 2016. Applications received after 4:00pm PST will not be considered in the review.

4. Eligible expenses

Applicants may apply for up to $30,000 per research proposal.
Eligible expenses include (but are not limited to):
  • Research supplies & materials
  • Salaries (including benefits) for research staff (note: applicants are not considered research staff)
  • Costs related to data collection
  • Travel required for data collection
  • Dissemination and/or knowledge translation costs (note: conference registration/travel are only acceptable if a member of the research team has been chosen to present a poster or oral presentation)
Ineligible expenses include:
  • Secretarial/clerical support
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment purchases unless there is a very strong justification for need
  • Membership fees
  • Computer hardware

5. Review process

Applications for the ARCC Seed Grant are evaluated by a review committee consisting of the ARCC Program Leads, Co-Directors, and external experts as required. Applications are reviewed based on scientific merit and the relevance to ARCC’s program areas. Strategic review will be based on the criteria below:
  • Research Approach
  • Applicants and Research Environment
  • Potential for Research Impact
  • Feasibility of Study including proposed study timeline
5.1 Competition results

Official result letters and competition feedback will be emailed to the principal investigator directly. Successful applicants and brief project descriptions will be posted on the ARCC website and/or ARCC-partner websites (e.g. CCS).

5.2 Funding

All offers of award from the ARCC Seed Grant competition must be implemented within the period of offer as specified on the award letter.  If ethics approval is required for the project, ARCC will allow up to 20% of the approved budget to be released before the ethics certificate has been received, under the provision that this portion must only be used for project aspects which do not require ethics approval. The remainder of the funding amount will only be released upon confirmation of ethics approval. Reporting

Research projects should be completed within the 12 month award period. A progress report must be submitted to Kim van der Hoek, ARCC Centre Manager, within 4 weeks of study completion, and a final report demonstrating the outcome of the seed grant project (e.g. submitted grant, preliminary analysis, submitted literature review etc).  Note that ARCC has an annual report due to CCS on February 15th of each year.  If your study is still ongoing at that time you are also expected to submit an interim report.   In addition, a member of the team will be expected to present their research to the ARCC community through participation in the ARCC Conference or by presenting an ARCC webinar.

All publications and knowledge dissemination resulting from research supported by ARCC must acknowledge the support of ARCC.

Please contact ARCC@cancercare.on.ca or kvdhoek@bccrc.ca if you have any specific questions related to the 2016/17 Seed Grant Competition.

Last modified on: September 14, 2017