Results of the September 2015 Impact Grants competition

We are pleased to announce the results of the most recent Impact Grants competition. This program has been designed to accelerate and focus the knowledge gained from scientific findings, in the short or long term, into outcomes that will significantly advance understanding of cancer and improve scientific knowledge, which will result in optimized patient care, improved cancer treatment or reduced cancer burden. Below is a listing of newly awarded Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Impact Grants.

6 Canadian Cancer Society Impact Grants have been approved – 30% of all full proposals received. 60 Letters of Intent were submitted to the competition, and following a scientific review 25 of these were invited to submit full applications, and 20 were received. This flagship program represents the largest project funding to individual investigators awarded by the Canadian Cancer Society. Grants are valued at up to $1.25M over a 5-year term. These 6 new grants represent a significant investment of over $7.1 million.

The Canadian Cancer Society and Brain Canada partnered to support an additional Impact Grant focused on brain cancer research in this competition. This partnership leverages donations made to the Canadian Cancer Society with matching funds from Brain Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund, a public-private partnership established by the Government of Canada, enabling more brain cancer research to be funded.

Summaries of awarded grants

Please note:
  • Amounts listed below represent the total dollars awarded by grant year and may include funds for salaries, supplies, and/or equipment. 
  • The start date for these grants is February 1, 2016.
  • Only the Principal Investigator is named in this listing. Co-Principal Investigators, Co-Applicants and/or Additional Authors may also be associated with these grants.
Note Carefully:

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listing below, this list does not constitute an "official" notification.

Successful applicants will be informed, in writing, with an official Notification of Award giving the details pertaining to their grant.

Black, Peter
University of British Columbia
Notch in bladder cancer: oncogene and tumour suppressor
2016/2017 :  $250,000
2017/2018 :  $250,000
2018/2019 :  $250,000
2019/2020 :  $246,279  
Korneluk, Robert
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Synergistic combination of IAP antagonism and immunotherapy to treat brain cancers
*Co-funded by Brain Canada
2016/2017 :  $240,000
2017/2018 :  $240,000
2018/2019 :  $240,000
2019/2020 :  $240,000
2020/2021 :  $240,000
Rottapel, Robert
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - UHN
Targeting KRAS in pancreatic cancer by targeting a positive feedback pathway
2016/2017 :  $249,431
2017/2018 :  $249,431
2018/2019 :  $249,431
2019/2020 :  $249,431
2020/2021 :  $249,431  
Sicheri, Frank
Mount Sinai Hospital
Exploiting dimer-induced allostery to make better protein kinase modulators
2016/2017 :  $249,999
2017/2018 :  $249,999
2018/2019 :  $249,999
2019/2020 :  $249,999
2020/2021 :  $249,999  
Yasufuku, Kazuhiro
University of Toronto
Ultra-minimally invasive multi-modal image-guided therapeutics of lung cancer
2016/2017 :  $250,000
2017/2018 :  $250,000
2018/2019 :  $250,000
2019/2020 :  $250,000
2020/2021 :  $250,000  
Zhang, Li
The Toronto Hospital (General Division) - UHN
Double-negative T cells as a novel immunotherapy to treat chemotherapy-resistant acute myeloid leukemia
2016/2017 :  $238,950
2017/2018 :  $238,950
2018/2019 :  $238,950
2019/2020 :  $238,950
2020/2021 :  $238,950  

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