Recent competition results

The following table provides listings of grants and awards funded in recent competitions.

Results are presented by type of award and competition. For your convenience, we’ve also indicated the date of deadline for the original competition.

Funding Program Deadline date
Innovation Grants - 2  April 1, 2014 
Prevention Research Grants  April 15, 2014 
Results to be posted shortly pending partner approval.
Knowledge to Action Grants  February 1, 2014 
Innovation to Impact Grants - 2 April 1, 2014 
Capacity Development Awards in Prevention Research  April 1, 2014 
Travel Awards - 1  January 15, 2014 
Innovation Grants - 1  October 1, 2013 
Impact Grants  September 1, 2013
Quality of Life Research Grants  November 1, 2013 
Travel Awards - 3  September 15, 2013 
Partnership competiton results  Various 

Current funding statistics

Detailed information about all grants and awards that are being funded through the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute is available in our online research portfolio – a searchable database of funded research.

Last modified on: July 24, 2014