Childhood cancer patient
Tackling the challenges of childhood brain cancer

New findings from a recent Canadian study may lead to improved treatment strategies for a devastating form of childhood brain cancer called medulloblastoma.

Female doctor
Pushing for more effective therapies

Dr Bedard leads a number of clinical trials. His oncology background and extensive work in clinical trials can help shed light on the road blocks affecting progress and current avenues cancer researchers are taking to develop more effective treatments.

Help bring new therapies to the clinic by participating in clinical trials

The Canadian Cancer Society, with the help of our donors, supports cancer clinical trials across the country, aiming to test new ways to prevent cancer, improve survival and enhance quality of those living with cancer.

brain cancer explained
Why are brain cancers hard-to-treat?

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new treatments for brain cancer
Finding new treatments for brain cancer

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Immunotherapy overview
Boosting the immune system to target cancer

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Immunotherapy, a promising new field of cancer treatment

Immunotherapy is a promising new field of cancer therapy that is generating a lot of international headlines. It is a type of cancer treatment that trains and uses a patient’s immune system to fight cancer.

The link between chromosomal “protective tips” and cancer risk

Read a CTV News article highlighting new research that found that the length of the protective “tips” on chromosomes could predict cancer risk.

Blood test offers hope for improved lung cancer treatment

Researchers have examined using blood tests to track the genetic changes in lung tumors as they progress from their very earliest stages. This information could guide treatment decision making.

Why are colorectal cancer rates in young adults on the rise?

Read a Global News article on new research relating to rising colorectal cancer rates in young Americans and whether similar trends are being found in Canada.

The effects of sugary drinks on our health and what can be done

Read about the latest Canadian research on the health effects of sugary drinks and what can be done.

Young cancer patients often struggle to lead a normal social life

Read about research relating to the social well being of childhood and young adult cancer patients.