DNA differences in esophageal cancer
Esophageal cancer - One disease or many?

Advancements in treatment have been made for many different cancer types. However, the survival rate and number of new therapies for esophageal cancer remain low.

Applying sunscreen
More skin cancer survivors need to practice sun safety

It is that time of the year when Canadian “snowbirds” flock down south for warmer weather and sunshine. Hopefully, they will remember to pack their sunscreen and sunglasses alongside their swimsuits and practice sun safety.

Help bring new therapies to the clinic by participating in clinical trials

The Canadian Cancer Society, with the help of our donors, supports cancer clinical trials across the country, aiming to test new ways to prevent cancer, improve survival and enhance quality of those living with cancer.

Immunotherapy overview
Boosting the immune system to target cancer

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Genetic chaos overview
The genetic chaos of cancer cells

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Doorways to Discovery: Liquid Biopsy to Track Cancer

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Advances in Immunotherapy for Lung cancer

New treatments are becoming available for one of the most common and deadly cancers, lung cancer. More than 28,000 Canadians were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016, and with only a 17% chance of survival 5 years after diagnosis, this resulted in 21,000 deaths.

Will immunotherapy transform cancer care?

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that trains and uses a patient’s immune system to target cancer. In 2013, the prestigious scientific journal Science declared immunotherapy to be the “Breakthrough of the Year”. But will it dramatically change the way cancer is treated? Please read this Ottawa Citizen article to find out what cancer researchers say on this topic.

Researchers uncover how pancreatic cancer forms and spreads

Pancreatic cancer remains a hard-to-treat cancer with only an 8% chance of surviving 5 years after diagnosis.

Why are colorectal cancer rates in young adults on the rise?

Read a Global News article on new research relating to rising colorectal cancer rates in young Americans and whether similar trends are being found in Canada.

Older women can reduce their risk of endometrial cancer through weight loss

Read an article explaining new research relating to weight loss and endometrial cancer.

Genetic testing often overlooked for women at high risk of developing cancer

Read a CTV News article on new research focused on women who are at high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.