Male patient with doctor
New treatment combination for prostate cancer recurrence

Boston researchers have found a new treatment combination to help men at risk of having their prostate cancer return. The scientists found that if men receiving radiation treatment were also given drugs that block male hormones, they could live longer and have a lower chance of having their disease spread.

Smartphone to detect cancer
Could smartphones be used to detect skin cancer?

Could smartphones be used to detect skin cancer?

Help bring new therapies to the clinic by participating in clinical trials

The Canadian Cancer Society, with the help of our donors, supports cancer clinical trials across the country, aiming to test new ways to prevent cancer, improve survival and enhance quality of those living with cancer.

Immune checkpoint inhibitor drugs attack cancer cells.
Checkpoint inhibitors: Taking the Brakes off the Immune System

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What are ‘targeted’ cancer drugs?

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Doorways to Discovery: Liquid Biopsy to Track Cancer

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A new blood test to help better treat ovarian cancer

Could a marker in a patient’s blood help doctors choose the optimal treatment for cancer?

Researchers uncover how pancreatic cancer forms and spreads

Pancreatic cancer remains a hard-to-treat cancer with only an 8% chance of surviving 5 years after diagnosis.

Treating, not just preventing, HPV infections and cancers with vaccines

Can HPV-associated cancers be treated by a vaccine? Researchers hope to provide this new treatment in the near future.

New laser treatment offers hope for prostate cancer patients

Seabed bacteria and laser beams are an unlikely pair, but researchers have used them to create a new prostate cancer treatment.

Advances in Immunotherapy for Lung cancer

New treatments are becoming available for one of the most common and deadly cancers, lung cancer. More than 28,000 Canadians were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016, and with only a 17% chance of survival 5 years after diagnosis, this resulted in 21,000 deaths.

Cooling caps may help women keep their hair during chemotherapy

Read this Globe and Mail article to learn more about research to address hair loss from chemotherapy.