Researchers in Dr Mick Bhatia’s lab at McMaster University
Taking aim at the root of cancer’s growth

In many ways, cancer cells are similar to healthy cells, which leads to some significant challenges for treatment. It can be difficult to develop treatments that specifically eliminate cancer cells while sparing healthy ones. Researchers are always looking for features unique to cancer cells that can be exploited as treatment targets.

Tumour found in the lungs
Developing a personalized approach to lung cancer immunotherapy

Clinical trials are typically developed to show that a new or different treatment is more effective than the current standard of care, and a trial is usually considered successful if that is the end result. But a trial that doesn’t give those results isn’t necessarily a failure.

Your trusted source for the most up-to-date cancer statistics in Canada

For more than 30 years, the Canadian Cancer Statistics publication has provided comprehensive, up-to-date cancer statistics for Canada. Developed collaboratively by the Canadian Cancer Society, Public Health Agency of Canada, Statistics Canada and provincial and territorial cancer registries, the 2017 edition was released on June 20.

Liquid biopsies in lung cancer video – Gustave Roussy
Liquid biopsies: promise in lung cancer

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Immunology Wars video – Nature
How can antibodies fight cancer?

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Cancer Dialogues video – ARCC
Making decisions about funding cancer drugs in Canada

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New insights into colon cancer prevention

Researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Massey Cancer Centre have learned more about how colon cancer develops and a possible chemoprevention strategy for those prone to the development of precancerous growths. Learn more in this article.

Many cancer mutations caused by DNA "spellchecking" errors

Scientists at the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Spain have used genomics to reveal that many cancer mutations are caused by problems with the cell’s “DNA spellchecker”, and that this is exacerbated by sunlight exposure and alcohol consumption. Learn more in this article.

How lung cancer spreads to the brain

Researchers at McMaster University have discovered 2 new genes that help control whether lung cancer can spread to the brain. Learn more in their Daily News article.

New advances in liquid biopsies

Researchers in Hong Kong have completed a promising study on using a liquid biopsy blood test to catch head and neck cancer early. Learn more in this article in the National Post.

Putting computing power behind cancer treatment

Researchers are now using IBM’s Watson’s computing power to analyze genomic information to guide personalized cancer treatment. Learn more in Augusta University’s Jagwire News article.

Targeting cancer with new customized vaccines

Researchers are developing new cancer vaccines designed to target “neoantigens” – new markers found on cancer cells due to the mutations they contain, which can be unique to each person. Learn more in an Insight Blog from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.