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Find cancer early

How well do you know your body? Know what’s normal for you so you can notice changes. When cancer is found early, it’s often easier to treat.

Get changes checked sooner rather than later. That change to your body might be nothing, but it might be serious. Always see a doctor if there are any changes to how you’re feeling or you have new physical symptoms.

Image of a gender neutral bodyKnow your body

Only a doctor can say for sure whether a change is cancer. Read more

Image of the testiculesFind testicular cancer

Have good nutiquette and know your testicles. Read more

Image of the prostateFind prostate cancer

Talk to your doctor about prostate cancer and the PSA test. Read more

If you're in a certain age or population group, you can also have screening tests that help find breast, cervical and colorectal cancer before you've even noticed symptoms.

Image of a stethoscopeScreening for cancer

See your doctor regularly and know when you should be screened for certain cancers. Read more

Image of a breastGet screened for breast cancer

Mammography is the most reliable method of finding breast cancer. Read more

Image of the cervixGet screened for cervical cancer

Even if you've had HPV vaccine, regular Pap tests are still needed. Read more

Image of a colonGet screened for colorectal cancer

Stool tests check for hidden blood you can't see with your eyes. Read more