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Healthy living events

The Canadian Cancer Society supports theme awareness periods and Spice up Your Life events in Saskatchewan to promote healthy living. 

We will also arrange for presentations on cancer-related topics (resources permitting) on request.

  • Theme awareness periods

    Men's Cancer Awareness Month

    November is Men’s Cancer Awareness Month and the Canadian Cancer Society is calling on men to get screened for colorectal cancer – a silent killer that has taken the lives of 9,300 people in Canada this year. Colorectal cancer responds best to treatment when found and treated early and treatment is most effective before the disease spreads outside the colon. Screening before symptoms may be something men avoid, but it could help save their lives – it’s that simple.

    Video journalist Dean Gutheil, has spent his career interviewing people in the news, from politicians and celebrities to regular folk like farmers and business owners who find themselves in the middle of life-changing events.

    Please read our Men's Cancer Awareness Month Newsletter Click Here

    Women's Cancer Awareness Month

    This year's Women's Cancer Awareness Month ambassador is Canadian curling champion Amber Holland who hails from Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

  • Spice Up Your Life: Eating Healthy with More Flavour

    The Canadian Cancer Society’s Spice up Your Life: Eating Healthy with More Flavour event sponsored by Safeway invites you to learn how to “spice” up your cooking using herbs and spices which contain phytochemicals that have cancer-fighting properties and may help reduce your risk of cancer instead of using too much salt since it may increase your risk of developing stomach cancer.

    This is a free community event to educate people and increase awareness around healthy lifestyle choices as well as the importance of screening and early detection of cancer.

    No events are currently scheduled but you can subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.

  • Book a presentation
    Book a Cancer Presentation or Information Booth:
    1. Submit your presentation request online along with the date(s), time(s), and location(s) that you would like to host the presentation(s). Please list the topics you are interested in.
    2. Sit back and relax. Although not a requirement, we welcome donations for doing presentations.
    Presentation Topics:

    The Canadian Cancer Society is home to a wealth of cancer-related information. Categories include, early detection and screening, prevention, understanding a diagnosis, how to care for a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, and general healthy living. This information is made available to groups in the form of customizable PowerPoint presentations that can be delivered by trained volunteers and/or Canadian Cancer Society staff.

    The list of topics that you can choose from is growing every day. Below are a few examples of some of the sessions that we offer:

    • Women's cancer
    • Men's cancer
    • Environmental and occupational exposure to carcinogens
    • Preventing cancer
    • Skin cancer
    • Colorectal cancer
    • Screening and early detection
    • Sun safety/Indoor tanning
    • Nutrition and physical activity
    • Canadian Cancer Society programs and services
    • Coping with stress
    • Cancer research
    • National and provincial cancer statistics

    Each presentation is customized to fit your needs, interest, and audience. We can mix and match these topics and the presentation can run from 5 minutes to 2 hours.



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