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Implementing the Trottibus Walking School Bus

Before putting in place a pedestrian school bus project, it is important to evaluate the potential of participants as well as the constraints of your setting. Get in touch with the Canadian Cancer Society at 514 255-5151, or 1 866 939-3333 toll-free, to receive the necessary tools for an evaluation. You can also write to us at


For answers to your questions, please visit our FAQs for schools.

Participating schools

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“What a nice and innovative project to bring people together! The city council is proud to support the Trottibus Walking School Bus project, in particular the one in the Quatre-Vents School in Saint-Janvier. The pedestrian buses of the Trottibus Walking School Bus project make our neighbourhoods more dynamic and school routes safer while promoting active transportation and healthy habits in the young and old alike. So, we can say that the Trottibus Walking School Bus offers many benefits without demanding a heavy financial contribution from the municipality.”

David Marra-Hurtubise, City Councillor, City of Mirabel

“Children leave the house and join the volunteers, clearly identifiable by their race bibs, and they are proud to walk to school.”

Marc Langevin, physical and health education teacher

“It’s great for the children because they get some physical exercise and arrive in school full of concentration.”

Paula, mother of children registered for the Trottibus Walking School Bus, during an interview with Dominic Brassard of the Culture physiqueradio show on Radio-Canada

“It makes our legs muscular and we can chat with our friends.”

Raphaël and Julia, children participating in the Trottibus Walking School Bus

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