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Benefits for the whole family

For the child For the parent
  • Can make friends
  • Fun and sense of belonging to a group
  • Chance to become a good pedestrian
  • Better concentration in class
  • Increased level of physical activity
  • Sharing the responsibility of taking children to school with other parents
  • Quality time with their children
  • Easier morning routine several times a week


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Did you know?

The exercise that children get in walking to school is reflected in their power of concentration for the next four hours.

Niels Egelund of Aarhus University in Denmark (data from the Mass Experiment 2012)

Each kilometre covered on foot on a daily basis is associated with a 5% decrease in the probability of becoming obese.

Direction de la santé publique de Montréal. Urban transportation, a question of health: 2006 annual report on the health of the Montreal population. Montreal Health and Social Services Agency. Quebec: 2006.

Only 4% of children in Canada meet the recommended daily physical activity guidelines.

Health Canada

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