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Trottibus Walking School Bus

Following the nationwide competition The Play Exchange, organized by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the first prize was awarded to the Canadian Cancer Society as well as an amount of money that will enable it to expand its Trottibus Walking School Bus in Quebec and to other parts of Canada.

Trottibus, the Walking School Bus! 

To encourage the young and not so young to integrate walking into their daily life, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has taken on the task of mobilizing its resources for a shared project: supporting the development of a Trottibus Walking School Bus network in Quebec.

Through planned routes and stops, two adult volunteers accompany a group of kindergarten to grade three children to school. The Trottibus can walk to school from 1 to 5 mornings a week, according to local needs.

The CCS’s main responsibilities are to train the people in charge of the project, provide them with all the necessary tools, and help them in volunteer recruitment (when needed).

Would you like to start a Trottibus Walking School Bus in a school? Find out about the steps to follow.

This initiative is made possible thanks to the support and financial backing of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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