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'Stick it' to colon cancer

Make your bottom your top priority.

Colon cancer is the #2 cancer killer of men and women in Canada, yet it is 90% treatable when caught early. That’s why getting tested for the disease before symptoms appear is so important.

Talk to your doctor about colon cancer screening. Getting tested can be as easy as taking an at-home stick test (fecal occult blood test) every two years, once you turn 50. Simple and discreet, the fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is administered by you in the privacy of your home and then sent off to a lab for analysis. It can detect invisible amounts of blood in your stool from the small samples that you collect using the sticks and sample card provided in the kit. This does not mean that you have colon cancer but it does require follow up.

FOBT stick test

Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner for an at-home (FOBT) stick test kit.

Kavita is a colon cancer survivor and now encourages others to get checked. Watch this brief video about her story.

Questions to ask your doctor?
  • Download a tip sheet with questions about colon cancer screening to ask your doctor.
How can I get the FOBT test?
  • Contact your doctor or nurse practitioner
  • If you do not have a doctor or nurse practitioner:
  • contact Telehealth (1 866 797-0000) to talk to a Registered Nurse about getting the test
  • call Health Care Connect (1 800 445-1822) to find a doctor or nurse practitioner
Send an e-card to friends and family
  • Send a free e-card to friends and family to encourage them to get checked for colon cancer.


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