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#HPVvaccine Campaign

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is a strong weapon in cancer prevention as it protects both females and males against HPV infections that can lead to almost all cases of cervical cancer, as well as a number of other cancers such as anal, penile, vaginal and vulvar, oral cavity and oropharyngeal. Current evidence tells us that the HPV vaccines are safe and most of the side effects that occur are not serious. The safety is being followed in Canada and other countries on an ongoing basis.

In Ontario, the current school-based HPV vaccination program has recently been changed and now includes boys and girls beginning in Grade 7. The Canadian Cancer Society was a strong voice for equal access to the vaccine and advocated on this issue for several years.

  • #HPVvaccine campaign 

    Meet Tiffany Bond. A mother and cancer survivor whose type of throat cancer is related to HPV and may have been prevented by the vaccine. Tiffany was diagnosed at the age of 39.

    "I wish the vaccine had been available when I was younger," says Bond. "Having gone through what I went through, I cannot understand why parents would choose not to have their children vaccinated against HPV."

    It is the Canadian Cancer Society's priority to build awareness of the link between HPV and cancer, while increasing the uptake of the HPV vaccine among girls and boys in Ontario through the school-based vaccination program.

    In order to be vaccinated, parents or guardians must complete a consent form that is sent home and return it to their child's school. All doses must be completed for the best protection.

    Resources have been developed for individuals and organizations to use and share.

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    If you have questions contact our Cancer Information Service by phone 1 888 939-3333 or by e-mail

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  • Public opinion polling

    Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec have expanded their HPV school vaccination programs to include boys and Ontario just recently did the same!

    86% of Ontarians support government funding to vaccinate grade 8 boys and girls against HPV.

  • Advocacy Success  

    HPVThe Society was a strong advocate for the inclusion of boys in the Ontario school-based human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination program. Together with staff, volunteers and supporters, celebrated the announcement that boys and girls will have equal access to the vaccine starting in September 2016.

    Ontarians should have equitable access to cancer treatment and care.



Tuli Chowdhury I would encourage everyone to volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society, especially young people.

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