Kim Moreau

The memory of an aunt’s disease inspires a woman to help whip cancer

Kim Moreau
Help Whip Cancer has made such a difference in the lives of so many women.

Kim Moreau recalls being a young girl and seeing her aunt go through a very difficult treatment for breast cancer. Kim says she recognizes the advances that have been made over the years – the increased awareness about breast cancer, the improvements in education and the improved and, in many cases, less invasive treatment options that are available to many women today.

Kim is helping continue that momentum in the fight against breast cancer. “That is why I am committed to the Help Whip Cancer program, which raises funds to help make all this possible,” she says. “Help Whip Cancer has made such a difference in the lives of many women.”

Earlier this year, Kim says she received a thank-you email from one of her fundraiser guests. “Maureen, a breast cancer survivor, thanked me for all my effort and time in planning a wonderful event, which meant a lot to her. And as tired and busy as I get sometimes, her words make me want to keep doing more,” says Kim.

“So for all the aunts, sisters and friends, and Maureen, I plan our next event.”