Heather Moyes

Early detection saves lives

Heather Moyes
I encourage every woman – regardless of how young or how old – to be aware of their body

It was September 2011. Heather Moyes was going about her life when she was blindsided by a cancer diagnosis. Heather had a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer. That diagnosis marked the beginning of her fight against cancer, a journey that has seen her go through 3 surgeries, 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 rounds of radiation.

“Early detection saved my life,” says Heather. “And I encourage every woman – regardless of how young or how old – to be aware of their body and talk to their doctor about any changes they notice.”

Heather made a point of getting routine mammograms, a habit she attributes to persistent messages and education about the importance of the screening tests. ”Mammography education kept me going for checkups,” she says. And it was during one of those routine mammograms that Heather’s cancer was discovered.

In addition to detecting her cancer relatively early, Heather says she was also the beneficiary of ongoing cancer research, which allowed her to benefit from a new, effective drug in her chemotherapy mix.

During her treatment, Heather says she also became a passionate supporter of the Help Whip Cancer program, which continues to raise awareness and funds toward the Canadian Cancer Society’s breast cancer research, education and support programs. As part of the campaign, The Pampered Chef (a premier direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools) makes contributions to the Society through the sale of specially designed products and donates a percentage of total sales from Help Whip Cancer cooking shows during the months of May and October.

“Technically, I am not allowed to declare I am a survivor for another year,” says Heather. “But I am here and I am alive and I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my story.”