Sisters Roewyn, Hannah, Riley and Hadley

The sisterly bond can’t be broken, not even by cancer

What helped is being able to visit Camp Goodtimes together as a family.

When 5-year-old Hannah was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, a rare cancer, the news shook the whole family. But it was especially hard on her sisters Hadley, Riley and Roewyn. They were too young to really understand – but they knew their beautiful, brave, big sister was very, very sick. They felt helpless as they watched their world – their family – fall apart.

Hannah’s treatment kept her and her mother Candace away from home for over a year. A year filled with painful chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries. Back in Prince George, Hadley, Riley and Roewyn were growing up without their mother or big sister. Candace worried the sisters would grow apart. She hoped they’d be best friends supporting each other through thick and thin. Cancer cast a long shadow over the future she had dreamt about for her girls.

When Hannah returned home, it took some time for everyone to adjust. “It wasn’t smooth sailing at first,” says Candace. “But what helped is being able to visit Camp Goodtimes together as a family. It helped us get to know each other again.”

Hannah is once again a healthy little girl, but she still remembers “every poke” during her treatment. She and her sisters visit Camp Goodtimes together every year.

Money raised during Daffodil Month helps people with cancer and their families in communities across Canada. Donations fund programs such as Camp Goodtimes, as well as life-saving research, support services and advocacy for public policies to prevent cancer.