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Canadian Cancer Society volunteers represent a broad spectrum of ages, cultures, abilities and experiences. Each volunteer brings unique gifts through sharing their time, energy and skills.

Learn more about why people like you volunteer for the Society and the impact they are having in the fight for life.

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Cops for Cancer, Tour de North
Terry Mitchell

Terry Mitchell has been a core part of the Cops for Cancer Tour de North for 10 years, providing support for every aspect of the Tour.

The Tour de North is a challenging ride, covering some of the most difficult terrain in BC. Riding over 800 km in a week between the Peace River and Williams Lake or Prince George to Prince Rupert demands fitness, stamina, and tenacity. Terry has done that ride 5 times and has been part of the planning committee for 7 years. Whether he’s riding, being Tour mechanic, mentoring other riders, serving as a paramedic or driving the tail vehicle, his commitment shines through.

In 2007 – 2008, Terry was riding in memory of five people he had lost to cancer. “When I needed inspiration, I only had to look down at their photos taped to my handlebars.” His passion has never waned, and after seeing Camp Goodtimes firsthand, Terry was even more committed. “What we do is nothing compared to what children with cancer have to go through,” he said. “Their journey is a lot longer and a lot harder.”

One of his most significant contributions has been developing a Rider’s Manual, guiding riders in their training and their Tour experience. This has reduced injuries and ensured new riders are much more prepared for the gruelling ride.

Terry was presented with a Community Impact award in 2013 and a Divisional Award in 2016 in thanks for his dedication.

Meet Derek Strokon - Community Ambassador
Derek Strokon, Community Ambassador of the Canadian Cancer Society

Derek Strokon is an enthusiastic and committed volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society. Volunteering with the Society since 2006, Derek currently fills the role of Community Ambassador, which means that he is involved in just about everything that we do!

Derek has been a part of the Fraser Valley Region annual Daffodil and Gift Wrap Campaigns, assists on the day of at our events and hosts his own Independant Fundraising Events. Derek speaks to community groups, organizations and businesses about the Canadian Cancer Society, the work that we do and the opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved with us whenever he can. His most recent community appearance was "pinning" (placing a daffodil pin on the lapel) Dianne Watts - City of Surrey Mayor, to mark the beginning of Daffodil Month.

"It is important for all of us to give back since cancer has touched so many lives. The Canadian Cancer Society does such important work raising awareness and funds in the fight against cancer. When I am volunteering it feels like I am doing my little bit to help, and if everyone did their little bit we would get a lot done!"

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Canadian Cancer Society or to register to become a volunteer please click here.



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